Is anybody an Occupational Therapist?

Question:I've been thinking about becoming an OT next year in college. I'd like to specialize in early interventino. Is it a tough job? Are the college courses like physics difficult? Do you enjoy your job? Any other helpful hints would be appreciated. Thanks!

I am not an OT. I work with many different types of OT. OT's are in high demand. The courses are tough because you have to know the body - body mechanics - muscles - tendons and so on.

There are different places to work: schools, hospitals, and early intervention. Working in early intervention is not only about the therapy it is also about helping the parents work with their child. Early intervention is also part psychology. Most parents that have their children in early intervention are trying to deal with the stages of grief and trying to make it through a maze they never expected themselves in.

Outside of the problems, there is no better field than working with children and families.

Don't allow your fear to stop you, face each class as it comes and you will do great. You will have many other students in the same spot so you won't be alone.
Yes i do but ti is stress full

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