I am a parent that has fought for 3 yrs. to get my son tested for a diability,they do not want tocall dyslexia

Question:they call it audio processing defect, not a form of dyslexia why?

In the state I practice, the term "dyslexia" (or problem with reading, when translated from Latin) is considered to be a medical diagnosis. The rumor is that because there are schools specifically designed to educate students with that type of diagnosis, parents could demand their children attend one of these specialty schools at the district's expensive (read: tax payers)

Since I am a school psychologist I do not have the credentials to make such a diagnosis.

But here is the kicker: what actually is dyslexia? To me, qualifying a student with an auditory processing disorder explains much more about the student and what his or her needs are educationally.

So, if your son did qualify to receive special education services under a processing disorder, what exactly is the problem?
lt seems that dyslexia is incorporated into an overall category called Central Auditory Processing Disorder. There are other symptoms of this disorder also as indicated in the following article.

Ask for an appointment with the Special Ed director and the Special Ed teacher who cares for your son. It sounds like you need to conference with them about your son's disabilty and what strategies they are using to help him

Best of luck to you and your son.
Maybe there is nothing sinister going on here. Was he tested? Was this what the test proved. It is in your child'd best interest to have the most accurate diagnosis available. This was therapies can be fine tuned to his specific disability. Later on, the same can be done for his IEP. Why would you want his diagnosed with something he does not have?

Also, is he young? Is he school aged? They may not want to give him such a concrete label. When he is school-aged he will, most likely, be tested again. Perhaps, then, he will recieve the label of dyslexic. Or, with enough therapy he may lose the label all together.
They usually do not test for Dyslexia until 2nd grade. Search for the keyword dyslexia and you will be able to find tons of resources. Speak to your childs school diagnostician about testing
Ask he school or the psychologist who did the testing.

They will give you the reasons.

If you still feel the way that you do you should re post with the additional information and we will proceed from there.
Like they say, some states do not even recognise dyslexia/or do not have a specialist to deal with it.
Too many variables.

However, those of us living with it/either self or students...here is a "home test"

Most importantly you need a dyslexia test

I too have had this struggle with my son. He was attending private school and I was told to send him to public schools because they have more resources for him. I did and I had him :tested in both 2nd and 4th grades,with no findings for SPED. It is so frustrating to watch your child struggle daily with their assignments and their self-esteem. Most of my son teachers were fabulous it has been a struggle with administration!Fortunately I was able to afford tutoring and computer programming that aided him!

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