Do you have a 'special' child?

Question:I am looking for parents of children with autism, down syndrome etc, to feature in a parenting magazine.

Drop me an email if you'd like to share your story.


My email add is

I have a son with a Autism and as hard as it is i am happy as all get up to have him
Disreguard the jerk!

What exactly are you looking for in your article?
I would love to talk! I will send you an email.
There's more to it than just trials and tribulations. That's the problem I have with most parent's magazines - you don't ever hear about the good things. I guess it doesn't sell as well as a tear-jerking story full of misery.

Raising a special child is not easy but there are many sunny days. The parents attitudes towards the disability can sometimes make all the difference.

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