Has any one tried the no gluten/casing diet for autism?

my four year old son is autistic and seem to have the typical bowl problems most autistic population do. a freind who has tried the diet for her kids seem to find that it makes a suitable diffrence.

Answers:    When starting any special diet it is best to talk to your pediatrician or a nutritionalist.

I own a 3yr old who have autism, I have not implement the diet with him because he currently have feeding issues but I own done some research on it.

Individuals on the autism spectrum may have trouble digesting proteins such as gluten. Research within the U.S. and England has found elevated level of certain peptides within the urine of children with ASD, suggesting the incomplete breakdown of peptides from foods that contain gluten and casein. The incomplete breakdown and the excessive digestion of peptides may cause disruption within biochemical and neuroregulatory processes in the brain, affecting brain functions. Until in that is more information as to why these proteins are not broken down, the removal of the proteins from the diet is the only style to prevent further neurological and gastrointestinal damage.

Some hypothesize that children next to ASD have what is referred to as a "leaky gut" -- tiny holes within their intestinal tract that may be caused by an overgrowth of yeast. Some believe that this overgrowth may contribute to behavioral and medical problems surrounded by individuals on the spectrum, such as confusion, hyperactivity, stomach problems, and fatigue.

For a gluten free/casein (dairy) free diet (gfcf diet) it is suggested to remove the dairy first from the childs system. The casein takes smaller quantity time to be completely removed from their systems, usually about 3 weeks. Now beside gluten it is suggested to remove it from the diet over a period of time. Gluten can clutch up to 6 months to be removed from the system. One of the main reason it is suggested to remove a little at a time is because the child will turn through withdrawal. Their charateristics of autism in fact worsen before they promote. It also suggested to give the diet a try for at tiniest 6 months since it takes something like the same amount of time for the gluten to head off their system. Special care must be taken when checking ingredients list, gluten may come in forms such as vegetable proteins and starch, modified food starch (when derived from wheat instead of maize), malt flavoring, and glucose syrup. Many adjectives ingredients contain wheat or barley derivatives. Many foods will contain gluten, but not be indicated on the ingredients, because they are not in the formulation of the product, but surrounded by the preparation of it. One example of this is the dusting of the conveyor belts in the production services to prevent the foods from sticking during processing. The food itself might not contain gluten, but there is gluten within the ingested product. You also want to look at products in your home besides food such as shampoo, lotions, sun peak, toothpaste, etc. They can contain gluten and it can be absorbed into their system.

A GFCF diet is no cure for autism but may lend a hand characteristics of autism improve within certain ethnic group. What may work with one child may not work for another. You can hold completely different results in 2 childern who hold the same characteristics of autism. Good Luck.
havent tried it and havent done much research on it. i work near children who have autism and i havent hear of them using it either. do lots of research on it back you play around with crazy diets and ask your doc ofcourse!

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