How to overcome learning disability problem of my 12 year old boy.?

A lot of "learning difficulties" stem from the child having to deal w/language on a verbal level! I think younger males are at a distinct disadvantage. Piaget's Cognitive Stages of diagramming--the Pre-Concrete level--is more accurate than verbal communications!! High Tech is now into IT--Information Technology--as it is NOT ambiguous and one does NOT have to plow through reams of written language to get the ideas clearly! Schematics communicate CLEARLY. Imagine builders trying to read written descriptions of how the architect wants the building structured! There would be as many versions as there were contruction workers!!----I was a counselor/therapist/teacher working with teenaged guys, 14-19, who were labeled as Severe Behavior Disorders--all w/multiple learning disablities. I got them interested in diagramming their bhr'al patterns, since they all totally avoided discussing their behavior!! They'd heard it "all"! CJ. Jung writes that diagramming AVOIDS the human pain of looking at life.. ONLY verbal communications carry judgement! There is a lot more--finding the underlying "rewards" behind the bhr. ---Too much to go into here, but if any of this may help, I'd be very happy to email w/you.
There are many learning disabilities. Be more specific. =)
try to teach him through Computers / VISUAL training as it is easier to learn from visuals.
Even people without disability will learn faster
You haven't given specific information as "learning disability" covers a broad range of processing deficits. However, I recommend that you first make sure you have reviewed and understand the documentation for the learning disability for your child (I have to presume that your son has been through a battery of ability and achievement assessments administered by qualified people at his school). If there is anything in the narrative or test results you don't understand, then please ask them to explain it to you in language you understand. Find out what the processing deficit(s) is -- visual? auditory? short-term memory deficit? motor skills? organizational (spatial)? Different strategies are helpful for different deficits. Often people think that a learning disability means that the person is lazy or cannot learn. This is not true -- in fact, many students I have had with learning deficits work 2 - 3 times harder than the average student because they have to work through their deficits. Regretfully, I have also seen students not even try because of the years of being belittled (but when they use learning strategies and are successful and that success is recognized they realize they can be successful). To help you better understand, I recommend, getting information from LDA (Learning Disabilities Association) and picking up any book on learning disabilities written by Dr. Mel Levine.
hi record evrything in audio formatand play that one. r u can teach them through computer using powerpoint
Need more information as to what is going on with your 12 year old before offering any advice

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