I really need to improve my reading and spelling?

Question:Can some offer my some advice?

Find someone who can help you with phonetics. The English language is very hard to read and write with about 42 sounds from just 26 letters. So, read books you are comfortable with. Most newspapers are aimed at a reading age of about 8 so the articles in them should be appropriate and work your way up from there. The trick here is that you see familiar words that your brain remembers by sight. Then when you see similar words you recall the previous word and apply the same sounds and see if it makes sense. If not try again.
eg. if you know the word "right" then the first time you see "fight" or "light" or "sight" then by knowing instinctively the "ight" sound as well as the initial letter sound you will be able to read those words.
If there is adult education facilities near you contact them, as I am sure they will be able to provide you with much more information.
to improve your spelling, walk around with a dictionary and just study words and try to spell them out. practice your alphabet first and pronounciation and youre reading.
Just keep on practicing! ^_^
that's my advice
The best way is to read more books probably novels.
well, reading books is a good way. i know it's quite boring to do but it does improve your spelling. i don't know how but it does. just be focused in what you are reading and always ask questions if you need to. Just remember, keep reading books! also practicing writing may be a good way. good luck. ;)
my method of reading is picking a book that looks really interesting n then i read a chapter a day
it helps me read more

for spelling reading does help develop spelling ability
read novels to improve your reading
for spelling, copy a chunk of text for about five minutes and check how many mistakes you made
Yeah, reading anything and everything... things that interest you, like magazines even... good books that you relate to... reading helps your spelling and reading helps your reading.
A good way to improve spelling is to say the word out loud as you write it on paper. That way you hear it and see it and feel the word, so it is imprinted on your memory better. To improve reading. is best to read more, check out some library books that look interesting to you.
For me you can search the some books like dictionary or why did you try to search on www.wikipedia .com because this a good to you when you having to search of all the some categories there.
To improve your spelling what I do is think of how you would pronounce the correctly spelled word if it were literally spoken the way it was spelled. For example, I always say in my mind: WED-NES-DAY, even though it sounds like it would be spelled Wens-day. I also do this with "beautiful", "definitely" and many other words. There's also spelling bee free trial games you can play on Yahoo games that I love to play. Spelling can be fun if you make it into a game.
As a mother of a child who needs to improve in reading and spelling, I had to back off and let him, in many ways, figure it out on his own. If I act like his teacher, he rebels. Now, with the help of school resources, he is doing much better.

I read anything of interest--magazines, short novels, short bios, and even old antique books. Bookstores have enough magazines to keep your interests. People are right--you have to read and if you do not understand a word--look it up. Take from a mom who had to understand it the hard way.

Also, understand and appreciate your other talents that go beyond reading and spelling. You have gifts beyond measure--foucs on those also.
keep reading news papers and try to speak regularly
Phonics training that includes spelling rules should benefit you. a program that I like is called Spell to Write and Read. This is a straight forward approach that teaches sounds and the rules that govern English. Learning the rules and the sounds together helps prevents spelling mistakes and improves reading ability.
This may sound confusing but i hope it doesn't so take the words you want to learn how to spell and wright them on a chart. Without looking wright them once. Then everyday say them if the word is correct give yourself a star if not keep trying you must get a word 5 times before you take it of the list. If you get a word right and then miss it the next day you half to start over. In other words you half to get the word right 5 times in a row. Hope this helps you like it helped with me.

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