How can i help?- autism?

Question:hey, i would really like to help children with autism. I find them inspiring and incredible. I don't want to raise money, I want to work with them directly. any suggestions?
also, if you have autism or have a child, sibling, or friend with it, what would you like to be done? i would love any comments!

btw I'm a 16 year old female

as a mom it is nice when we can find a person whm he will feel ok with just too take him to the park, or for a walk. little things like that can help parents plus it helps with there social skills and physical skills
You are a great age to work with them. You are still in school so you could not help in their classrooms but all counties have group homes that would love to have people come and interact with the autistic clients. The homes would have lots of things you could help do and they are there on weekends and every evening so that could fit in your schedule. My son is autistic and the main thing I would like is someone like you who really wants to be around him, he can tell if people like him. Each kid is different so each one would have different things they would enjoy you doing with them. I don't know where you live but look in the phone book for ARC, and in the yellow pages under handicap or disabilities. One of these places could put you in touch with who you would need to call in your area.
In a word, respite. Parents of spectrum kids often can't use just any old babysitter because of the needs of the children, so are forced to find nurses or sped teachers, willing to help us as 'babysitters', or an extra set of hands on family outings. Most common is college kids studying to be sped teachers. But these are all short term answers. Someone willing to learn how to get involved in a spectrum family as anything from 'mother's helper' to learning to be a respite provider, would be an invaluable godsend. To give you an idea, I am the father of two autistic sons and for eight years have been looking for a steady respite provider, with no luck. We have been blessed with having the help of many wonderful people, but the adults have jobs and families of their own, and the college crowd graduates and moves on. Also, the experiences would help in your future schooling, and hopefully, career choice. You have passion and caring, and we need more like you, so stick with your heart.
Good choice. Look into ABA therapy, music therapy... there is so much that can be done. If you just want to volunteer, contact your local autism support group and maybe you can babysit, so these over-stressed parents can get a night off. Good luck
I think it's great at your age that you have the desire to learn more about autism and be involved in making the difference in the lives of those of us who have been affected by autism. Why not start by befriending a special-ed student at your school? You could sit with them during lunch or special programs. Talk to your teachers or school system about a buddy program... you might be able to be a buddy to a student who is mainstreamed into a regular class that needs just an little bit of extra help to make sure they get to where they need to go or needs a little assistance in class. Also, try getting in touch with a local support group for parents with kids with special needs. There is always the need for a good babysitter! Also volunteer with your local Special Olympics chapter. you will also get to enjoy the blessings of working with people with other disabilities as well.

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