Is it possible for a person with Aspergers to be a Middle School teacher?

Question:I am 20 years old and I have Aspergers. and I want to be a teacher when I am old enough. What kind of college would accept me?

Have you finished High School (HS)? - - - If not, check with the career counselor to guide you in the right direction and to help you select a college.

If you have since exited HS, seek the guidance of a college counselor (in your area) for assistance.

In the meantime, since you are old enough to be employed, have you thought about working as a paraeducator in a middle school to see how you would like it?

There is no reason why you would not be unable to become a teacher! Good luck to you!
I would start off and get your AA at a community college. Then move to a state school.

I don't believe anything should hold you back from your dreams! You might have to work harder then the others, but do it and be proud!!

Good luck!!
Why would you not be able to? The only problem I could see with is it that you would be kinda bland, so work on keeping things interesting. but if you excel at the chosen subject then you could be a good teacher.
google Dr. Stephen Shore. He has Aspergers.There is a place on his web site where you can ask him questions.He might be helpful in your situation.
There are many accomplished people with Aspergers.I think you may bring to a teaching situation, a perspective that a "typical" person can not.Good Luck!
Just be prepared. There are principals that do discrimate and will do it in a manner so you can't prove anything. I am unable to hear much out of one of my ears and wear a hearing aid. I had to resign beacuse the principal was making my life miserable when she found out. I know schools have that saying that they do not discrimate but, there are schools out there that do. I wouldn't let it stop you if you are able to complete the teaching requirments. I have heard that like a third of MIT has Aspergers and they go on to successful caeers so don't let it stop you.
Yes but why would u want to be those kids r evil! i think i have as altho i was never diagnosed. and im only 18 lol and im soooo nervous about college
More than likely, you won't have any problem. If its what you what to do, then you should pursue it.
Yes it is possible!! I work with Special Needs children, and they range in all types of autism from the most profound to Aspergers, and I must say, the Asperger children amaze me!

Also, there is a teacher here that also has Down' syndrome, and you know what? she is a middle school Special Ed teacher, and she is the ONLY teacher in our district that is nationally certified to teach anywhere in the US she pleases!

As far as college goes, under the IDEA act, no school can turn you away because of your disability. Whatever school you choose has to accommodate for you.

I wish you the best of luck! I love teaching, and someone like you would be a good role model for other children that have disabilities!

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