For all regular and sped teachers?

Question:what are your perception of inclusion of special children in a regular classroom set-up? What are the advantage or disadvantage?

Inclusion is not done correctly at all schools. Some do it just fine. It is good if the student is able to keep up with the normal classwork but, maybe just needs assistance some of the time these students should be in a regular classroom. Students that are not on grade level inculsion hurts beacuse the student feels like they have to preform at a level that they are not able to. Inclusion also allows regular students to learn and accept people with diablities. The special education classroom can harm students that are able to keep up beacuse the special education teacher doesn't have time for them and they may not work up to their full potiental. On the other hand students that are not able to keep up in a regular classroom benift by being able to get more one on one attention from the special education teacher.

I have a SPED certification but am learry of teaching in an inculsion situation beacuse I have seen it not work effectly in several situations. If the inculsion teacher and regular classroom teacher can work as a team that is the best situation. Two teachers can spot problem areas before they get difficult to catch the student up. The special education teacher also might have ideas on how to help all the students learn that topic better. Total or Full inclusion in which school do not have a resource or special education room hurt more students than they help. Schools do this so they can save mony and beacuse of No Child left Behind. There are always students that would benifit more by being in a classroom that is smaller and they can get the attention they need.
Special ed law states all children are to be provided free, appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrctive environment (LRE). If the accommodations specified in a child's IEP are easily provided in a general ed class, then, by all means, the student should be eduated in the general education classroom (and, not necessarily with a special educator in the classroom). However, if the student needs more assistance (and usually this means more individualized attention) the a self-contained class would be the LRE for that student. No one situation fits for all students with IEPs. It depends upon where the student will be most successful.
according to federal sped law IDEA, all sped kids are first suppose to be in the regular classroom with IEP mandated services. THen, if this doesn't work, THEN the child is moved to a more restrictive environment such as a sped classroom.

But, since most schools in USA are CORRUPT in special ed, they do whatever they want with the child. Whatever they feel. Whatever is best and cheapest for THEM.

They don't give a rat's behind about the child.

And it's NOT the teachers doing this, it's the administrators.

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