How can we prevent behavioral disorder?

I worked with severe behavior disordered adolescent guys--aged 15 to 19. We found that they were actually obtaining Basic Emotional Needs (Dr. Wm. Glasser--Belonging, Power, Freedom and Fun) and as toddlers, getting those needs OVERTLY, was not possible due to the Family of Origin disorders--addictions, dysfunction of all kinds. They found that they HAD to go COVERTLY with acting-out bhrs, in order to get those needs met!! The guys learned to DIAGRAM their acting out. This employs Piaget's Pre-Concrete Cognitive Stage due to the fact that explaining behavior is MUCH MORE DIFFICULT VERBALLY than diagramming and is not as accurate as diagramming! As toddlers, they grew into adolescents not realizing that the pattern of acting out WAS providing these needs!! NOR DOES ANYONE, really!! This is well worth exploring!! One severe Tourette's guy who had terrorized his neighborhood and family, discovered the underlying EMOTIONAL GAINS, remediated his bhr inorder to go directly and with behaviorally accepted bhr, which had satisfying results! He was able to transition into regular Special Ed class and then into the regular HS classes. He obtained his diploma! Don't know your ed background--but if you're interested, it's REALLY EFFECTIVE!!
By behaving orderly.
Most behavior disorders are actually emotional disorders caused by the environment. Children who are abused constitute the largest group of children who are labeled as behavior disordered. Providing children with safe, loving, consistent parenting is the best way to prevent these disorders.

Children who have been abused need counseling and behavioral treatment. Many times the abuse occurs when the child can't control the situation, so a great deal of rage develops. These kids tend to act out in comparatively safe situations, so the children need to be taught the source of their rage and pain. Many abused children do not know why they lose control and feel they are "bad" people because of it. That is one reason they need counseling so that they can understand that abuse causes these acting out behaviors.
Behaviors of students need to be addressed right away and in Kindergarten and first grade. The earlier the better. Good behavior can be taught unless there is a chemical reason the child is having difficulty. Most kids seem to not know how to act with peers as they are in the dog eat dog world of daycare centers; where it is survival by aggression. Most can be taught with teacher intervention. Social skills need to be taught. Just one thought.

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