Adult Learning Disability.?

Question:I have a friend with a learning disability. He was diagnosed with dyslexia in a small town at a young age. Instead of being encouraged to read, and to try to learn, he was encouraged not to, and when he was unable to learn the way everyone else was, they put him him the 'BH' section of his school, for the children with behavior problems because they couldn't think of anything else to do with him. They tried antidepressants and mood stabilizers and everyone thought that there was something wrong with him, and no one tried to help him.

Now, at 28, through his entire life he has tried so hard to make up for the fact that he doesn't learn the same as everyone else, but he so far has been unsuccessful. He is unable to read more than a paragraph at a time, has difficulty with basic addition and subtraction, and can't write or draw. He is willing to work his tail off but he needs to find a teaching program for adults with learning disabilities. Does anyone know where I could find one?

What an awful thing to happen but I do believe you. You might look into community services for adult education in your town.
You might find helpful resources on line.
there should be special ed class in his school district go talk to the teacher and get some info or go to your public lib, and look it up your self. he might get FREE education for this. in my area there is v.r. to help with any thing to help you get a job. good luck
I know they offer tutoring/classes at our local technical college for dyslexics. You might want to try there. If they don't offer it for free then he might qualify for a grant or scholarship. Good Luck!
Have you tried your local "City" colleges for assistance. You said that your friend lives in a small town. Does that mean he cannot travel any distances to get help? I personally cannot give any on-line information but he does need help immediately! Maybe try a government source. That is were "our" disabled contributions is California. Arnold Shwartsn__ger. HELP. Anyway, Best Wishes and Good Luck :D

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