Has anyone ever heard of Smith-Magenis syndrome?

Question:I want everyone who knows a diagnosed Autistic person to look at this syndrome.

I have worked extensively with the Smith-Magenis population as a behavior analyst, even though I primarily worked with the autistic population.

Whereas Smith-Magenis Syndrome has a genetic link, Autism, for the moment, does not. Also those with SM Syndrome have distinct dysmorphic facial features that children diagnosed with Autism do not have.

I think I agree with your premise that children diagnosed with Autism should have genetic testing done to rule out syndromes such as SM.

In looking at the excellent website referenced above, there are very distinct behaviors that are aligned with SM Syndrome:

inserting foreign objects into body orifices (polyembolokoilamania)

yanking fingernails and/or toenails (onychotillomania)
spasmodic upper-body squeeze or "self-hug"

hand licking and page flipping ("lick and flip")

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