I am trying to start a program where mentally handicapped children?

Question:show animals, such as sheep and pigs at our local fair. My best friend and I are founding this program. We have both shown for numerous years and we have finally turned 18 and can no longer show. What we want to do is get sponsers to sponsor the kids and there animals so the children get the experience.

Animals are a great therapy for children so we feel that we can have much success.

My question is, what kind of children would be the best candidate for a program like this. They have to be able to understand what we are saying to them and be able to have some control of there animals. Other then that we will be there for them every step of the way. We will also assist them with the animals and essentials.

Also, does anyone know any creative names that we can use for our program?

What a great idea! I would start with children with some mental retardation who have some language skills. Until you have some experience under your belt kids with serious emotional disturbance or ADHD are probably not the best idea. If you live in a town or county with a recreation department talk with them. They may already have experience with programs for kids with disabilities and be able to help you get started. Also see if there is something like an Agriculture office or Cooperative Extension or if there is a 4H program in your area. Those are all agencies that might be able to help.
good idea
great idea but any special needs child will need supervision with animals... Maybe high functioning autism or downs. names hummm ,,, the chosen ones.
I think that is a great idea, and im glad you are willing to help the kids!

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