Could some people called "nerds" in fact be Asperger's?

Question:Are asperger's people often called geeks or nerds and have obsession with details and are really intense about trivial things? How do you tell asperger's from someone is just a stereotypical nerd?

well my son is not a "NERD" but he does have his own particular way about him. The girls love him, hes a good looking kid. But he is kind of a stick in the mud.. have never been able to teach him social skills, he speaks in a monotone voice, has to have simple things explained to him.. but is a Computer genious.. with no formal training!

Aspergers is difficult to deal with, when the person who has it wont admit it.

He cant hold a job, argues everything because he lives in a different world than we do and doesnt understand.
Yes. But dont make the mistake of labelling all nerds as having Aspberger`s syndrome. To have Aspberger`s syndrome you need a professional diagnosis.
yes, but that could also be autism. the only way you can know for sure is to have tests done.
First you would have to have a clear definition of a "Nerd"

I frequently thought of one of my uncles as an "egghead." He was a computer programmer back when one computer filled up a whole room.

I suspect he was Asperger's.
I think most aspies would probably fit the description of a nerd or geek. In fact, another name for aspergers is "Geek Syndrome".
This is a dangerous game to play. Asperger's children have no language delays, but they don't use language acceptably when relating to other people.

Some keys to Asperger's:
*When you converse with an Asperger's person, you begin to notice that you are not truly part of the conversation. If you make a comment about your life or talk about somehing you have done relating to the subject, it is usually completely ignored.
*There is an unusual interest in a particular subject, usually in science or mathematics.
*Often there are voice tones that seem mechanical.
*Asperger's people have trouble with body mechanics and coordination.
*Concepts of time and distance are faulty.
*Odd or unusual social behaviors. Don't pick up on social cues.
*Lack empathy
*May be highly ritualistic
*Fail to develop peer relationships

I would hesitate to label people. It is bad enough when we have to do it for purpoes of education and identification.
Hi there, here's what I know as a parent, and bachelor in social sience:
Asperger Syndrome has many faces and especially its variability makes it impossible to describe a stereotype Asperger child or adult. This stereotype does not exist. People with Asperger syndrome are all different and all individuals so their behavior may differ too.

Asperger symptoms can be:
1. Socially and emotionally inappropriate behavior and interpersonal interaction;
2. Limited interests or preoccupation with a subject
3. Repetitive behaviors or rituals;
4. Peculiarities in speech and language;
5. Problems with nonverbal communication
6. Lack of empathy
7. Clumsy and uncoordinated motor movements
8. Focussed on details rather then seeing the big picture.

So to answer your question, some people with Asperger might fit YOUR description of a "nerd" because they are not fitting in socially, are loners, have great trouble communicating and sometimes lack empathy for others. They can stick to ther rules and regulations in a very strict way and are unable to understand why others don't. Their speech is formal and they are unable to understand figure of speech, double meanings in language or sarcasm.

Trival matters ( to us) can make a huge difference in the life of an Aspie since they are stuck on routines, rituals, repetitive behavior and prefer sameness and predictability. they dislike changes and are unable to handle unexpected things happening.

Both my sons have it and are not considered nerd by me...but offcourse I am their mother...

I see many positive qualities such as loyalty, inability to lie or have a hidden agenda, and their great sense of humor and high intelligence.

for a complete list of symptoms and more information go to that site might give you the exact information you are looking for!

good luck!
Hi, and well if you think about it many individuals with this type of spectrum are usually employers who are beyond wealthy! There is a web-site that you may want to surf and, when there go to the blog, parents, on line shopping and, Autism you will find many resources that will help you.

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