Is ADHD register as disablity?

Question:is ADHD register as "disablity"? if so how possible it to be?

ADHD is not an individual category of disability. It falls under the pervue of Other Health Impairment. For many people, ADHD prevents them from focusing for long periods of time and makes it difficult for them to follow multiple-step directions or complete multiple-step problems.

In order for a child to receive SPED services, it must be determined if the ADHD is adversly affecting his academic performance. Some students have mild ADHD and have done very well in general education classes. Others have more severe ADHD and usually perform better in sresource classrooms with less distractions, strict routines, and more one-on-one with the teacher.
Do you mean in terms of a student being eligible for special services in school, or in terms of the ADA?

For school purposes, the child would be tested by the school and based on the severity of their ADHD, they would likely qualify for some special services.

As far as the ADA, I'm not so sure. Generally, the criteria for a disability is something that severely impairs an individual in one or more of the major functions of life. This would also depend on the severity of the individual's ADHD.
If a child is tested by the school district and found to be ADHD then they do have a right to services with help. My son was/is ADHD. Back in the 80's this gave him a BD - Behavior Disorder label though he was no behavior problem. When he went to middle school I threatened the school because of this and we went to mediation. Before we got to the point of no return, the district agreed to give him services under "OHI" Other Health Impaired. He just graduated from college and received accommodations all the way through. Hope this helps a little. Melanie

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