Do you think that the schools should have psychiatrists on campus,(teachers trained to recognize children with

Question:mental conditions?)That way alot of mental iliness can be treated early on.Maybe the cycle of abuse can be corrected ,before they become a drug addict,child absuer,serial killer,ect...It may cost tax payers more money .But the bennifits of recognizing mental illness early on, really helps to preventing tragic situations.Actually it may save tax payers money in the long run because they will get the help early on.

Until we find a way to fund schools, so that children can get a good education, good people are encouraged into the profession because it pays well, and school buildings are maintained in a way that is safe, we truly cannot afford to have a psychiatrist on staff. Furthermore, if you did have a psychiatrist on staff, he or she would be SO overwhelmed by the number of students being referred to him or her, that you would need more than one. It is sad that schools are being asked to make up for and fix the problems of society. That isn't what schools are for. Parents should be aware that a child is acting differently, and take appropriate action, rather than expecting the child's teacher and school to figure it out and take care of it. Having a psychiatrist on staff would not be a guarantee. There is no way the psychiatrist would be able to see every child in a school in enough depth to really know them, and if the teacher didn't catch it and make a referral, then the child would go unnoticed, as they so often do now.
Every school should have a nurse and a child psychologist on staff. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The result of all of these social cutbacks are all too obvious.
YES! They should be on staff no question. A child who is getting help dealing with issues will be a better student and better adult. If they have a mental illness then the earlier it is detected the better off the child will be as an adult. You are spot on. I would rather fund this with my tax dollars that something like the culture of gay men in Hopi Indian culture in Arizona (this was a real study paid for with tax dollars). There were only 2 as it turned out.
Are you going to pay for it? From your post, it looks as if you school should employ English and grammar teachers.
A lot of schools do. And they are paid a lot of money. One of the problems of having one on campus is that a lot of children get diagnosed with stuff they don't really have. For instance, LD, ADD, ADHD, and autism are often over-diagnosed. This happened at a school I taught at. The psychologist would diagnose kids with stuff so they could go to the Special Ed. teacher so she wouldn't have to deal with them any more!
Yes, if at all.
Early intervention is essential.
Some private school like Montessori,they have child psychologist so in a very early stage a certain problem can be recognized,they will then recommend a child and a parent/guardian to a psychiatrist.The government is trying their best to provide necessary help to its citizen,The problem really starts at home,on how parents rear their children,children mirrored their parents in everyway.
There seems to be some confusion. Psychiatrists are medical doctors.
The idea is good, but idealistic. We may be better served by having our teachers and councilors trained to recognize symptoms of a developing problem and have them referred to an outside specialist. Usually, if a school makes this kind of referral, then it is responsible for covering the cost. This provides a sort of balance. A good teacher will want the truly troubled child helped, so will make the referral, and yet, it won't be used for trivial things because it will show in the budget and expenses. A method such as this will be a benefit and would be difficult to abuse.
Usually schools have physiologists with other professionals who provide services to students who have special needs. Sometimes when the student is evaluated it is not a hard clad final report. The evaluator usually has an estimated account for what the student can do. If the student does not participate appropriately there is an estimated result. Parents need to become involved with this whole process so the student has the proper education depending on their needs. You may want to surf a web-site that has many resources for you to look at. When surfing go to the blog, parents, Autism and, on line shopping.
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