I have a question about learning disabilities?

Question:I would like to know if adults have so called ADHD or other learning diresctions and other doctors seem to understand why do they slip throught the cracks.Is it true that a person with a disablilty have these learning disabilitires.also? If so, what procedure should one attend to in order to be helped to get proper treatment.

I was diagnosed as Learning Disabled at 8yr old. w/ ADD and dyslexia. School was hard.real hard but I made it and went to college and graduated (believe me when I say I studied for HOURS everyday).

Far as treatment goes.what I've learned is there is no "treatment". However, there are coping strategies. Remember, when I say I studied for hours. Well, that is one strategy. How?, you may ask...you know how some people don't even have to crack a book and get good grades..those same people in college struggle to get by because the don't know good study habits. Those of us that are LD learned those study habits a long time ago. I also write everything down. For me information goes in one ear and out the other. If I don't write it down I won't remember it later.

What about adults who are undiagnosed? I don't know about those people...but I imagine that it is harder for them. If I knew someone like that I would suggest this: write things down and get tested in order to find out where your weaknesses lay. There are different types of learning disabilities. Once you know what your weaknesses are then you can learn some techniques. If you already know your weaknesses I would still say to get tested because the doctor may be able to give you information to help you further.

And one more thing.

Self esteem is a big.no HUGE part. Those who have little to no self esteem give up and struggle. The rest of us, that includes friends, family, co-workers, teachers, need to encourage people to try. If someone has a dream, no matter how big or how small, we need to encourage that person to go for it even if we think it's a waste of time.

Hope that helps.
From experience I can tell you (my son is ADHD) that it's very difficult to diagnose, as there are so many overlapping problems (like hyperactivity, sometimes behavioural problems). I would think that you are at a distinct disadvantage if this is only diagnosed in adulthood, given the obstacles you would have had to overcome in childhood. My child benefitted greatly from seeing an educational psychologist. Maybe they can do something for you as well.
Yes, there are many adults who have ADHD or learning disabilities. It is much harder to diagnos ADHD in adults as compared to children. Not everyone with ADD or ADHD has a learning disability. Basically in short terms you have trouble staying focused on one thing for a long period of time. The best thing to do is speak to your doctor about this if you think you have symptoms or have been diagnosed with ADHD. There are medications out there for ADHD but everyone is different and a doctor will know the best treatment to take or you can also talk with a psychiatrist. You can also research ADULT ADHD on the internet. There are many sites for this. My son has ADHD and I still research this to gain updated info and to improve my knowledge.. Hope this helps.

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