I want to learn first aid, but am under 18. i live in sydney... any suggestions?

Question:i dont really want to pay that much either...


If you would like to gain First aid skills, why not try the St Johns, which have St John juniors (8-12) & St John Cadets which cater for young people from 11-18.

Check out the link below, or you could ring 1300 360 455, for more information.

You could also check out Australian Red Cross, I not sure if they have any youth programs, so you would need to ask.

Good luck
the Internet my dear . use the Internet
book as well . from the library . those are free .

then you can start small volunteering at the hospital or clinics ? from there i;m sure the people can help you further you studies once they see your commitment and skills

all the best !
Lots of information on line for you to read, just make sure the source is reliable. (Don't depend on a site that tells you to shock a heart attack victim by putting his finger in an open socket, ha-ha!) There is one MayoClinic.com. Books are also available in bookstores, as well as CD's on first aid. If the store doesn't have it they might be able to order for you. Try calling your local Red Cross. They may be able to direct you to a low cost or free program if they don't have one, just let them you cannot afford a lot of money. Make sure it includes CPR. This is such an important part of first aid. Good luck! I hope this was helpful!

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