Can someone tell me what questions i should ask the child study team concerning my child's IEP?

Question:What don't they tell you that you should be aware of?

I would visit the link below, it is to the US Department of Education's IEP Guide, it will tell you everything you need to know about an IEP, including what you are asking here. I think that would be your best bet to get the most accurate information. Good Luck =)
I don't know if this is an initial meeting or if you have been through the process but you should stop them anytime they use terms you don't knw, ask them to explain the results of the testing they have done and request that they listen to you and your imput. I have sat on too many IEPs when the teachers do all the talking and the poor parent is overwhelmed. Bring a folder or notebook. Keep all IEP copies in a 3 ring binder. Look at it ater you get home. Ask them how many of last year's goals were met. Are they being modified or carried over until the next year? What are the modifications and who is doing them? Why has the child not met the goals.
The only think I try not to tell parents is just how awful the kid is (if they are really awful!) I try to be possitive and I try to give hope that even the worst kid will improve. I have heard teachers paint such a dismal picture, that I had to stop the IEP because the parent was in tears. That's just wrong.
My one complaint is that teachers get to wound up in numbers and test scores and don't ask parents what they want to see for their kid. Educate yourself about your child's disability and be realistic. Your teacher has about 6-10 other kids on IEPs in the room, they can't give one to one tutoring all day long but there ought to be resource people within the school who can give extra support.
Work with your child at home and you will know exactly what he/she can and can't do. That will help tell them what he/she needs. They are only with him/her a few hours where YOU know him/her best!!
need more details - but basically you are your child's advocate. You should ask questions that will help get you answers to your concerns. Refer to the existing IEP - find out what goals have been met, what has not, and if anything new needs to be looked at.
Don't worry about all the test scores at age of 3. It is easy to spend more time on this issue because the professionals did so much testing etc.
Spend most of your time concentrating on goals and services. Do the goals that are written meet all/ most of the needs you feel that your child has. If you have questions ask about how the goals are going to be addressed? What a strategies that are often used to ensure your child makes progress towards those goals? Don't be afraid to request that additional goals be added if there are areas that you feel are not being addressed. Hopefully all the service providers who will be helping your child will be at the IEP, but if not make sure you meet everyone and get contact information.
Your child is young and this being your first IEP, really concentrate on their goals. Many times the goals sound great but remember to ask HOW they plan to achieve these goals. You are your child's best teacher so you will need to follow through at home.

Don't be afraid to ask any questions no matter how ridiculous you may think it sounds.

Keep in mind for the future, that it is your legal right to call for a new IEP at anytime. Also, if you come to a place down the road, where you do not feel you are being heard and your child's needs are not being met, you may request a mediator. This is unbiased middleman ( cannot be employed by the school system), paid for by the school system, who helps settle your issues.

Best wishes!

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