"CountBehavior" where are you!? I have some questions for you!?

Question:How many is "extensively" when you say you have worked with these kids? I have some more things to tell you however it says I cannot contact you. Darn. I have an SMS child and there are 3 in my county. I belong to Prisms as well. One was diagnosed at 18 mo.,we were next,but @ 13 yrs.old and as of Sat the 25th during our SMS fundraiser/5K/awareness carnival we have another family one year to the day of our diagnosis. Isnt it odd...3 in our town? What do you think? PS I loved your bio- Im not 'fraid of ya,your my kind of friend!!Please think about answering some ques. I promise not to be a lingering internet pest!

No problems. I have sent you an email.

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