How is it possible To have autism your whole life and not know it?

Question:I was just asking because both of my children have autism . My son is mild but you can still tell he is autisic . My little girl is only 18 months and i can tell she may have autism. I seen on TV that alot of people grow up with autism and are just finding out what it is.. So was just wondering ,how one can grow up and not notice something different about him / her

Autism is a quiet disorder that is not generally diagnosed until seen by a Neurologist. It is too early for the 18 month to be considered Autistic yet. Wait until she is closer to 2 to 3. She may just be delayed in speech. My kids are autistic however there is no indication that any of our family history has a disorder. I personally believe that it is inherited by a parent with a high IQ AND that it is usually, not all the time, conceived by parents (or parent) that are over the age of 40.
Autism is not new. I think it would be best to ease your mind if you read "Thinking in Pictures" by autistic Dr. Temple Grandin. She is autistic and is a doctor. Autism has its hopes and downs. Just make sure your kids get therapy and structure. Some counties have public schools with trained special needs classes that will help. Also, get involved in support groups. It really helps. Some kids have been well taught and now it is difficult to tell they are labled autistic. My 9 year old son is in golf tournaments with "normal" people scoring 32 on a 9 hole. Hope this helps.Good Luck :D
Autism may cause an inability to really "notice" other people - I believe it short circuits social development.

Thus - if not interested in other people for cultural modeling - why would you notice if you're different.

In a sense - it's impossible to know you have a blind spot - because you can't see into your own blind spot.
They might notice, but never be able to put a finger on what it is, or they simply don't care enough to find out. Their "problem" might not effect them very much.
...My brother's severely autistic. Best of luck.
You could have Asperger's Syndrome. I notice that I have symptoms of an autism spectrum disorder. And, someone else has mild autism in my family.
There is such a range of ability/disability with autism it just depends on how severe or mild it is. We always thought my nephew was just a little odd, and then when he was 11 he was diagnosed as on the autism spectrum. It explained a lot of his behaviors when he was younger (stomping around--he couldn't feel where he was in relation to others, math problems--he was seeing everything double, etc)
Its Very Possible I Read Bout That Stuff Once. There Are Lots Of People With Symptoms They Juss Dont Know It. Sympstoms Like Twirling Your Hair Or Rocking Back N forth. I Cant Realy Explain It With Out Reading Over My Research But Yeah It happens.
I dont know alot about autism but i have a friend with 3 kids and 2 of them are autistic. I know it means they have social problems. But they are smart. Im not sure how they couldnt figure it out eventually. maybe it doesnt interest them. maybe if they somehow knew, they didnt care. sorry. i cant give u any facts on this one. i dont know. but best of luck with your 18 month old. depends on the grade on autism they have,some don`t even know they have it and go to a normal school.. and other need assistance in whatever they do. and maybe they think the rest of the people are diffrent.. and they are ok
They don't always think they are different or that anything is abnormal in their behavior till they get older. That is why they grow up they finally notice that they are somewhat different and sometimes get upset with themselves thinking they are stupid.

I could not understand for years why I had a reading problem till I discovered on my own that I do most things backwards. I will look at a book backwards before reading it.
I get letters mixed up when I type. I switch and read digits differently than the way they are written. It takes me longer and I have to slow down and recheck my work to make sure it is correct before proceeding.
No one diagnosed me as being dyslexic or with a learning disability. I was just asked when I was young why can't you get it ? Math is simple ..are you stupid?
So, I grew up hating math and never asking questions to anyone about anything.

Kids are not stupid because they don't get it the first few times. The stupid ones are those that think they know it all.
it has become more public in recent years . before it was kept quiet .people didn't talk as much about it. now it's diff,
I worked with children with autism and it was quit apparent in each child that I worked that they were autistic. If you are concerned have your child evaluated and good luck.
My suggestion is, build a path for them starting right now - a databank of people that could be useful to them someday. Friends or relatives. Like what salesmen/women do, they have a database where they stock tons of people just to build a relationship so that someday they might sell them their product. Since you know all your kids have mild autism now, maybe later these people - potential friends that you are going to build for them could pitch in later in helping them when they grow older. It is like planting a small fruite bearing tree that your kids could eat the fruits later - in short - befriend a lot of people, kids, what have you that will understand and will be helping them later when everybody gets older including you.
recently (since the late 1980's) autism has been on the rise as a diagnosis, but not so much as an actual incidence of occurance. this is due to changes in the way disabilities are funded in the US (and other countries).
many people w/mild affectations of autism/aspergers need no diagnosis as they have learned to adapt and cope in the world. it is not that they do not know something is different about them it seems to be more that they are able to survive & succeed without the label of autism.

i have 3 boys, all of them have special needs of one sort or another that are related to how the brain processes information and could possible be diagnosised w/autism if i would allow it. instead i just seek the services that they need and refuse to allow them to be pigeonholed and labelled just so that the school district can get extra funding. when the school pushed me and threatened to stop services, i began to inform them that if they did so i would involve a lawyer and showed that i know enough of the legal requirements for them to provide services that they backed down in a hurry and are now providing speech and OT for 2 of my 3 boys. be a very involved parent and do not let TV, schools, or anyone else try and tell you that the labels are required or that without the label they will not provide services.
95% of what i have seen on TV about autism is bogus, fear-mongering, pandering, useless, or worse, detrimental. so don't believe it all, do your own research, find a good professional who does not rely on labels, but who treats symptoms.
That always surprised me too!
You should read "Pretending to be Normal" by Lianne Willesby (?) It's by a lady who, after her daughter was diagnosed, figured out that she had severe aspergers.

I know several adults who were not diagnosied until they were in their twenties. Their childhoods were a nightmare of being told they were retarded (MR) or stupid, or just bad. They suffered through not being able to finish schoolwork (and failing high school) they suffered through not ever having a job (and being told they were lazy) and they suffered through poor relationships (being lonely and told how selfish they are). I think that there are probably thousands of people just like this, that our society has failed through it's judgemental behaviors. Parents and teachers willing to just pass judgement on a child, papers that follow them from grade to grade, and no one ever wondering WHY these poor guys are struggling!

Lots of parents are in denial as well, so it's their kid suffering, until they figure it out on their own. That's just as bad.
Autism and ADD/ADHD share many common characteristics. It isn't until more information is gathered about socialization and adaptability that you can really differentiate between them if the characteristics are mild.

I have a lady whom I worked with who had been told her son was ADHD. Nothing worked for him in school and he was re-evaluated at the age of 16. They did more comprehensive testing and found that he was actually mildly autisic. After that his accommodations were changed and he thrived.
I just finished a research paper on autism, and I work with autistic children. The reason some people go their whole life and not know is that the criteria for diagnosing autism is ever changing. There is more research being done now and the criteria is different today than it was even 5 years ago.

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