How my 2 autism child can ask help and find sponsorship for their education and therapies needed?

Hi I'm not sure how old your children are but i have never had any help or sponsorship with my son who has severe autism and also non verbal and he's nine now .. he attends a regular special needs school who are great .. if your in the UK you will be lucky to get anything like that !
write Montel Williams and tell him your story.
If your children are preschool or school age then go to your school with your medical diagnosis. They can put your children in early childhood classes where they can provide services. You may also check with your state's autism society and see what they can offer you in the way of help with PT and OT. This is if you are in the United States.
Hi there is a web-site that you may find of interest and that will assist you with your current needs. When surfing go to the blog, and Autism this should assist.
good luck
I work with a little boy whose family has started a non profit called Myles-A-Part. The sole mission is to help familes finacially with the huge cost of therapies needed for children with autism.

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