Does your autistic kid do anything like this with colours?

Question:My three year old son is autistic, non-verbal (with some sign language) hyperlexic and numerate. Just lately he's become fascinated with colours - he would arrange them in patterns and carry blocks or crayons around with him. We've now noticed that he invariably arranges the colours according to the spectrum - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. If he's arranging books and can't find the exact colours, he'll do the closest shade - maroon for violet, for example. We did not teach him this and there are no books or videos in the house that talk about the spectrum. We haven't heard or read about other autistic kids doing this - just wondering if anybody else had.

maybe like LYNNW i can answer you without being patronising[ something no one else so far has managed to do]

lining things up and obsessional behaviour is common with asd
my son is high functioning, holding a job whilst doing A levels and learning to drive and yet still comes home and does his 'stims' to relax. my son was non verbal til age 6/7 by the way
when he was your sons age, and non verbal, he spent many peaceful happy hours lining all sorts of things up according to colour and size/shape and would get very distressed if prevented from doing so
some people see it as part of the autistic mind, especially a non verbal autistic, their way of bringing peace and order to a chaotic world that they cannot yet access
if its bringing him joy, then enjoy him doing it
That is very interesting! He's obviously quite bright. Is there a picture of a rainbow in his nursery or somewhere that he would see it a lot, to pick up on this pattern?
I tend to look at autistic children as gifted, for they really are. There are stories beyond belief, a child that can draw perfectly to scale from memory. A child that is able to work out mathematic problems in split seconds. I could go on.

The point is, austic children tend to make up for their difficulties by exceeding in one or two areas and boy do they exceed. Autistic children also generally have a high IQ and an obviously low EQ.

Although I have never heard of this particular gift.

So your son is gifted and is does not surprise me in the slightest, as he grows older these gifts will mature at a greater rate than other children in his age range, and all you can do it assist him.

I find autism highly fascinating, thank you for sharing your story.
I was watching a 60 minutes interview of Daniel Tammet. He mentioned he see things as colors in his mind. It was very fascinating. It's amazing what we can learn about the potential power of our brains through children with these special gifts.

I found an interview with him on It's a part one of five but links to the others.
my son, who is 10 now was diagnosed with autism because this was his first sign. He would line his colored blocks, cars or crayons (whatever he had at the time) by their colors. He would start with the lighter shades and get darker per color (pink thru maroon for instance) and go through the same with all the colors he had. If something was all the same color he would then arrange them by size and shape usually starting with the smallest and going to the largest. He was diagnosed at the age of 3. He is now very verbal so we are very happy about that but we didn't see any signs of real verbal communication until about the age of 6. Better late than never. :)
This kind of behavior is not uncommon for autistic children. These savants tend to fixate on a particular pattern almost to obsession at times. I have heard of oddities like this among autistic savants. The medical community has yet to explain how children acquire such specific knowledge without exposure to it in school, in books, or otherwise, but such phenomena have been widely documented.

That said, this is very inspirational, indeed. Hopefully, as your child becomes more verbal, you may learn how he came to be interested in the color spectrum.
Read the book in search of dibs this will answer many a question with these special fascinating children!!
Most autistic children tend to have their own 'thing', obviously your son enjoys colours and possibly finds it as a way of expressing himself or maybe ordering things settles him more. Nuture it, buy colourful things, obviously he enjoys them.
Autism is a very complex thing and every child is different and very special.
Hi, there are many individuals with Autism that are intelligent. They are Savants. You may want to surf this web-site that will have many answers to your questions.. When surfing go to the blog, and Autism also on line shopping for specific books your family may want to read just to understand or try to any ways because no two Autistic persons are alike. remember the movie Rainman with Dustin and Tom Cruise he was Autistic. I wish you well with your child.
good luck

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