I am a 19 year old soon to be college boy...?

Question:I am special needs (social and emotional issues), and my parents are helping to find me the right help and assistance, but the colleges, all they have looked at so far, don't offer they help which I need. I did well in High School, because they provided me in classes that were in a non-mainstreamed special-ed environment, I also had extra assitance and support, less workload at a slower or easier pace for me. My parents have been looking at several colleges and I we cannot find the right college for me. It seems that colleges do not really care, or at least care far less than they do when I was in High School. I am so overwhelmed and I don't know what to do. How can I go to college like this?

Why not take a course or two at a time so you do not feel overwhelmed? Sure, it may take you longer but at least you are getting the credits you want.

Most colleges are not going to change the pace for you, so it may be best to have a tutor. Some professors may allow you to tape the lecture as a review, too.

Assuming you are in the states, have you contacted the Vocational Rehabilition in your county? They are good resources for job training programs, including those sponsored by colleges, in your area.
This is a link to the CollegeBoard.com College Matchmaker: http://apps.collegeboard.com/search/adv_...

If you click on the third tab "Campus Life" at the top, there's a section on that page labeled "For Students with Disabilities." Check the box for whatever applies to you, probably learning disability. Then click "See Results" at the bottom, and it will give you a list of colleges that offer special help for those with learning disabilities.

Good luck! =)
To be honest, you are going to have to be able to keep up with the workload at a high speed. That is just what happens in college. If you are going to have trouble with this, maybe the place you should start looking is a community college. Community college classes are small, and the instructors should at least care a lot more about you.
You know what? You can go to college if you really wants to make a difference. You just have to look for a program that is appropriate in your needs.At 19, I think you have to let go of your fears and try to be independent.

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