I am looking for places for children with disabilities for ages 6-18?

Question:There is not much for children with disabilities for these ages. No programs, unless I want my children to sign up for every Buddy-Ball type of sport, and most of those cost a lot of money. The local ARC (***'n For Retarded Citizens) has daycares for children under 6 and are shutting down. Is any of this going on in anyone else's neck of the woods??

Search "conductive education" on the internet and there may be a facility near you that works with disabled kids. Conductive education is a program that helps children with neuro-motor disabilities who are quite normal but they have trouble controlling their muscles and cannot participate in everyday activities such as walking, sitting up straight, or even feeding themselves in the proper way. I have volunteered with helping children like this and found it a most rewarding experience.
I agree with Miss B. Also, have you thought of contacting you local University. The special ed departments usually have activities that may suit you child's needs. If not explain what you need and someone may be able to help you.

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