Do children have more privillege than adults in getting services at library?

Question:That means the rule:"First come first served" can not be applied to children?

I'm not really sure what you mean. My daughter and I go to our public library once a week and we always see kids waiting in line to get their books checked out (often with parents) just like everyone else. They aren't given the right to cut in line. That's impolite.

Also, at least in our library, you must be 18 to get your own library card *without a parent's signature* on your account.

My daughter has her own account, but I had to sign for it, and I decided if she should be allowed access to the computers, etc.

I suppose, however, it's different in other libraries and places.
They have a separate place that specializes in kids. For adults it is all information retrieval. For kids they make a special effort to make sure they are happy on education.
it can be in the environment where there s only children between children. When there s adults involved, children usually go first when it comes to educational, such as the library.

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