In special education, what do LRE A and LRE B mean? How are they implemented?

LRE stands for Least Restrictive Environment.
If you are talking the educational law code: LRE is that a child regardless of their disability has the right to be educated to the maximum extent appropriate, with non-disabled peers. This means that each IEP determines what LRE means for that child. This is the language that supports inclusion and mainstreaming.

The LRE (B) means that the district has to evaluate LRE on the merit of the students ability to be included in the public school setting prior to sending the child out to a specialized setting because of the potential to receive additional money.

Implementation varies from state to state. A federal law rules unless a state rule supersedes the federal law. Inclusion is a huge push some states are excellent and others still need HELP. Funding should never be an issue - the district has to evaluate a students need for placement on individual needs not cost.
Is this in the U.S.? LRE means Least Restrictive Environment. I would assume that the A and B are identifications used by your particular state or school district.

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