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Question:since second grade i was in learning disability classes,they basically just taught us enough to get by which at times has been frustrating,i am now 31 yrs old and have no high school diploma or ged,i have made several attempts to go back but the coures take to long and i get bored or mostly over whelmed i know i sound lazy but im really not i want to find a program that will help him further my education but will focus on wat i know and not take so long does anyone know of such programs

If you still have an IEP from when you were in high school, you should go to a community college and present it to them. All colleges have programs for students with disabilities. You are entitled to the same accommodations and services that were called for on you IEP.

Another suggestion is consider a trade school. Most school districts have adult ed programs. There are a wide variety of programs to suit all interests. My plumber can't really read, but he makes $120 an hour. Can you dig it?
You should take all the classes they offer you because usually its not about what you learn out of that class but the skills that you gain. For example, geometry, I'm never going to use that or any other student in high school but they all are required to take it because it teaches students how to think from a different angle and how to "prove" something using proofs.
Well if you must take different classes than I would suggest taking concentrated classes like advanced Microsoft word classes or advanced Excel so that way you can have a certification saying that your advanced in those fields. Another thing you can do is take cooking classes, or any special classes that are concentrated so it does not take a long time or get you bored. Good luck.
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