Does anyone have the math disability 'Dyscalculia'? How do you cope?

Question:Dyscalculia is a math disability which is essentially like dyslexia but for numbers with other added difficulties. Does anyone with this disability or an expertise in learning disabilities have any advice for me? I'm senior in high school but I attend a community college so it's more difficult. Please, any suggestions, I've struggled with it my whole life but finally just got (for a lack of a better term) diagnosed. Thank you to anyone who can help.

I feel your pain. I was not diagnosed until I was in college at age 24. I struggled for years in silence and literally got sick to my stomach before every math class. I went to a community college in CA and after the diagnosis I was given provisions in their 'learning disability' program like a tutor, a note taker and the use of a tape recorder in class so that I could listen to the lesson at home again. I was allowed extended testing time and able to take my tests in a quiet place away from others. Talk to your guidance counselor (its why they are there) and speak to your instructors and develop a plan and program to fit you. Very important though, you must make sure that your teachers are on board with this, after all it is them teaching you and they need to know that you are serious and not faking. Take things apart and go step by step and repeat things until you get the hang of it. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed, just breathe and know that you can do this. I had a moderate level and I still was able to finish college with a good GPA and you can too. We just have to find the way that numbers click with us and go with it. GOOD LUCK :)
Talk to the advisor or counsellor at your community college. If you have an official diagnosis of dyscalculia, most colleges and universities have to make some special allowances in your math classes. If you're doing badly in your high school maths, talk to the principal or counsellor there, as well.
i question u on this i have never been diagnosed but i cannot do math without a calculator and it all seems like a different culture to me i excell in alll other subjects but this one i have struggled my entire life everybody has expected me to know things that they know and sometimes i get the astonished look and then the ? of you dont know that and then im embarressed i dont im gonna look up that info on that
Both my husband and my son have been diagnosed with this learning difference. Although my sons is far worse than my husbands both have made great strides with some extra help as one of the responders also stated. My son was diagnosed at age 6 and my husband at age 31 and both approached the issue from different son was allowed more time for hands on with problems and was allowed to do a smaller number if he could prove he understood a particular process, when my husband was in comm college the learning disability program gave him tutors, note takers, and made allowances for testing times.but he had to ask for the help in order to receive the assistance and he was able to complete the needed courses with lots of help from some really great people.

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