I have a hard time spelling, even words that I knew how to spell in the past. Am I dyslexic?

Question:I am 21 years old and when writing this question I had to look up how to spell "dyslexic" "remembering" and had to think twice about whether "am" is a real word. I am gradating in one semester and am wondering if I am dyslexic or just lazy for not remembering how to spell words. Also I have a really hard time remembering names, I don’t know if this is related.

The concept of testing for dyslexia is complex and sometimes looked down upon within schools because the interventions will not change. There are many techniques and accommodations for those who exhibit the signs of dyslexia.
As an educator, we provide interventions based upon the childs needs. A lot of times, someone with a learning diability is given the same interventions as someone with dyslexia.
Here is question for you... when you are reading or writing, do the words or letters appear to shuffle or jump across the page? That is a lot of times a way to identify dyslexia.
Being that you are 21, I am guessing that you have already come up with ways to get around your problems with reading and writing. Good luck and if you need further interventions, post another question.
Don't know, I sometimes read a paragraph and when I read it a second time I realize that I added words that were not even related to what I was reading in the first place.
we r the kind of ppl who doesnt hv photogenic memory - our data bank overflow!!

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