Can learning disabilities effect a person work performance?

Question:hi i have learing disablities. i was born per mature. and in most of my jobs that i have had all of which were in the resturant and food service. they have said that i am not quick enough for the job. most place's i have worked at ether fire me or cut my hour back to just a couple of days a week. i was wondering if my have learing disabilities may have an effect of my work perfomance.

I think that you need to find a job in a differnet industry something that does not requre you to work fast. I had a sister who had learning disablities and she found out that she needed to work in a place where she wouldn't have to be rushed also. so she started to work in a departement store in the childrens clothing department putting the clothes back that were left in the dressing room. As she got better at working there they would give her more responsiblity. See if your parents can help you to do something like that,
Yes it can but anything can affect your work performance by anyone. Just because there are special needs doesnt not mean that they are any different
Well, it depends on what you have a learning disability in. Maybe you should try somewhere like a "dollar store" or another place where your work doesn't have to be done really fast. a grocery store or something like that. Don't let other people's opinions on your work get you down. They think faster is better, but sometimes it isn't the fastest, but the people who try the hardest.
Your learning disabilities absolutely affect your work. Sounds like you have some processing issues. Given the right kind of work, you should be able to do just fine.

Just because you have LD, doesn't mean you have to work for minimum wage. Go to your nearest community college or trade school and ask for advisement from a counselor there. If you have an old IEP or any testing, take that with you.

Also, the Americans with Disabilities Act should provide you with some protections while you are on the job. Consider going to the Employment Office to find out what rights you have and what kinds of employment they suggest.

Nevermind working in minimum wage jobs! Reach for the stars and get some help getting there!
sure they can result in you just not being able to do the work simple as that.
yes i have adhd

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