Do all kids with autism have behavioral issues?

Question:My son who is 3 has been diagnosed with Autism.He is very affectionate maintains good eye contact has almost no aggression or behavioral issues.The only issues in language delays.Can a child be diagnosed with autism even if he has no behavioral or self aggression issues?

Autism spectrum disorders are diagnosed via the DSM manual. As you know there is no blood test, but to be diagnosed, a child must meet a certain number of criteria listed in the DSM (more than limited eye contact and aggression). As painful as it is to have received the diagnosis, please know that the earlier the diagnosis, the better the end result for your son. If you have not already done so, check into joining a local support group in your area.

Be sure that you are not confusing "behavioral issues" with "inappropriate behavior" (aggressive behaviors, etc.)

I have taught students with autism spectrum disorders for years. Each of them had their own distinctive "behavior issues" that were mostly strange/odd rather than as society would call "bad." Part of my task was to retrain them to show more socially acceptable behaviors (rather than flapping your hands, wiggle your toes in your shoes)

I had one student who was affectionate like your was cute and endearing when he was young, but as he got older it became inappropriate and was creepy to those who did not know him as I did (bear-hugging strangers, petting people's arms, randomly giving back massages, trying to sit on the teacher's lap and snuggle in 5th grade!). As a youngster, he had been reinforced that what he was doing was "nice" and "being a good boy," however as he got older, he could not understand what the problem was and he often felt rebuffed by others. It is hard for children on the autism spectrum to generalize some things and compartmentalize others...please be sure that your son understands that affection is for family and close friends only and that he should not greet the mailman the same way that he would you.
Absolutely; I have cousin, he's fifteen now, who has also been diagnosed with autism.

He is also very affectionate and sweet, and holds no major behavioral issues, at all. He never has.

Best of luck to you, Sweetie. Stay strong, okay? May God bless you and your family.
No, they don't. Yes, a child can be Dx'd with autism, without exhibiting disruptive behaviors... just as a person with ADHD (like me) may not exhibit behavior issues. For example, people think all kids with ADD or ADHD are holy terrors, but that's not true at all. I never misbehaved in school, but I was mentally "out the window" half the time... telling myself convoluted fiction stories or reading WAY ahead in the book we were using, or watching the high school band marching on their practice field.

It's an issue of how the brain functions, not an issue of behavior per se. Suggest searching on "What is autism?" for more detailed help.
My son may or may not be autistic (we've received several different opinions). No behavior problems . . . no eye contact problems . . . or aggression. He is speech delayed and has social delays due to his speech delay. We have just started treating both at the same time and it has done wonders. If possible, start treating the speech immediately as it works in tandem with social skills. P.S. My son goes to camp, pre-k, has play dates and is fine. I wasted about six months having a nervous break down. If someone had told me how easy the treatment would be . . . It's not bad at all.
Behavioral issues is a very broad term. Behavior is defined as any movement through space. If you are referring to problem behaviors, MOSt of them do. There is a scale of behaviors. Maybe he is non-compliant or doesn't move as fast, or doesn't eat very well, or needs help toilet training. These things may not be much of an inconvenience as someone tantrumming or exhibiting sever self-injury or aggression, but MOST will have difficulty behaviorally.

Additionally, a lot of times, the onset of the more severe behaviors may not occur until adolescent years (like 11, 12, 13 years of age.) Just keep up with early intervention and address or seek help with behavioral issues as they arise from a Board Certified Behavior ANalyst (BCBA).
Below-- social skills and communication are behaviors, you know... it is behavioral-everything is behavioral.
Miss Behavior... you are a behavior analyst and you are attributing all behavior to frustration. And you gave out where you work... What about the functions of behavior (tangible, attention, escape, sensory/automatic)... Aren't those really the reasons why most kids engage in problem behavior... If you are a true behaviorist, you wouldn't measure frustration, because you cannot really observe "frustration" ... it is internal. I'm glad I'm not sending my kid to your institution
There are many children with autism who don't have aggressive or inappropriate behavior. However, making sure they have a good way to communicate can GREATLY help this. If they are unable to communicate effectively verbally, then helping them with speech therapy and/or picture symbols and/or a communication device can prevent aggression due to frustration at making their needs known. As children with autism grow older, their problematic social skills become more apparent.this is not behavior, but difficulty understanding and performing social behaviors. Providing direct instruction in social skills now and in the future will further help your son integrate into school and his community as he grows older..and not become isolated by his language and social difficulties. Good Luck!
Yes your son can be diagnosed with autism without aggressive behaviors. Chances are your son can communicate better than most autistic kids, so he doesn't have to resort to aggression. Most behavior, such as head banging, biting and scratching are to communicate a child's distress or frustration.

Sounds like your child is very high functioning. This bodes well for his future.
You are very lucky that your son is affectionate, Thomas is nine now and non verbal, I'm not sure if all children with autism have behavioral issues but Thomas likes to be alone doesn't like affection, but wouldn't say he was badly behaved he has his moments like all children with or without disabilities, a child is diagnosed with autism because of the symptoms lack of eye contact lack of speech or none at all how they interact with other people, not just solely on their behavior, i made a video about my son Thomas showing the positive side to autism feel free to take a look
Yes an Autistic child can avoid behavior issues. The Autism spectrum is a wide one like the spectrum for depression. In depression some people get the periodic mild blues but nothing more then there is the other end of being incapacitated with depression and constant suicidal thoughts.

Autism can be the same way, with minor speech and development delays while having a functional personality/behavior, to full blown Autism, where there is almost no recognition of others and the person needs 24hr. care.
There are many types of different spectrum disordres. You may want to surf a web-site that has many resources for you to read. When surfing go to the blog, on line shopping parents and, Autism. I wish you well with your child's educational needs.
good luck

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