How can I find "available money" that would help me with my helping others with special needs?

Question:I hear about there "being money available out there" for people like me, in the field of helping people who are dually diagnosed. Is there money available for me to pay for school to get my Masters in this field? Where is this "available money", and how can I use it to benefit myself and the people I serve?

Try your local Board of MRDD. If they cannot help you, perhaps they may be able to lead you to the proper resources.

I work with mentally-challenged adults and I would seek their help first, since they specialize in this field.

I've not heard of this, but if you DO, please let ME know, by writing me back! TY! I also would be interested in furthering my education for my position.

check at the library in the referance section for Matthew Lesko hes that guy on tv in the dollar sign suit

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