IM not retarted but im in speicel ED and I am only in it for language arts and math?am I stupid?

Question:and could I get a girl freind for being stupid .

Just because language and math do not come easily to you,doesn't make you stupid. It just means you need a little extra help in those areas. But, I'm sure you have other talents that you do very well and others may not do so well. I'm sure you will find a girlfriend who likes you for your talents.
Being in special ED does not make you stupid. As for girl friend, I would rather advise you to finish your education, get a real good job, and then think about girl friend.
Of course, you're not stupid. Don't ever think that about yourself. Some people learn at different rates, and learn in different ways. Somehow your brain doesn't click in language arts and math. Nothing wrong with that.keep plugging away.

As for a girlfriend.that depends. Do you promise to treat her well.if so.then you're not stupid at all.
Don't worry about it, can have a girlfriend, I'm sure.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Study hard.get your education, and you'll see..all will be okay.

P.S.: Do a search on the internet (famous people with learning disabilities). You'll see.a lot of people making BIG money have the same types of learning limitations.
no never say that. i have adhd and a little learning disability and im getting A's and B's in school.

Many kids think they are stupid if they are in special education. In your current placement, which is in probably the category of Specific Learning Disability, you MUST have an IQ in at least the average range. Some SLD kids are gifted.

The issue is not with your brain, but the wiring that goes to it and the messages the brain sends within itself. In kids with mild disabilities, there is usually an irregularity within the nervous system that causes it to be hard for your brain to get the information it needs to understand the material. Fortunately there is more than one way to present material to be learned. In theory, your Resource Room teacher will be able to present material in such a way.

Since you use the Internet, try looking up Specific Learning Disability on the Net to learn more. And ask to look at your special education file and have an adult explain what it means. Make sure you attend your own IEP meeting. If you understand what is causing difficulty for you, then you can also figure out how you need to learn.

As for the girl friend, the more you know about yourself, the more confident you will feel about having a girl friend.

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