My step son is 7yo and is special needs/cognitive delay. Will he potty train?

He understands body signals for things such as hunger and thirst. He also understand the feelings of need urinate or have a bowel movement, but he doesn't have a handle on to leave what he perchance doing to use the toilet and ends up going in his pull-up. We own him in "overnights" and he is within the largest size they have. We try to lend a hand him understand better by putting him contained by underwear, and reminding him every half hour or so to step use the restroom. He either tell us he doesn't need to progress, or we will have him dance sit and try. He'll still wet/soil himself. We'd like to know of any counsel or methods that we can apply to help him perceive involved and proud of his potty achivements. Please no rude replys. We just want solid advice. Thank you so much!

Answers:    I am a Special Ed. Teacher I own a student in diapers and he is 10 he does surface the sensation to the bathroom but does not tell us until after he wet & soils himself we have just now began a reward stickers system next to him and he told us twice this last week he needed to stir or needed to be changed. If your son is in institution ask the educator to try this and to engineer a huge deal out of this. Explain to him what will transpire when he does tell you he requirements to go to the bathroom he will earn stickers and when he get 5 of them you will offer him what he enjoy, computer time, playing with clay audible range his favorite music etc... some sort of incentives and they have to be unfilled start daily first consequently move to every other day and later on a weekly basis. Good Luck and don't hand over up and be consistent and never never strip him of his stickers he has already earn.
Start with giving a reward when he go when you take him to the bathroom.

You are going to enjoy to get some visuals because children beside cognitive delays tend to meditate more visually. There is a website called Do2Learn. They hold a toileting series of pictures that you can down load and put contained by your bathroom and you can prompt him through the sequence.

How are you asking him to signal that he needs to walk? If he is not verbal, it would devout to use a picture of a toilet and then from in that teach him to sign. When starting this, show him the toilet and the picture of the toilet. Make the sign for going to the bathroom and next put him on the toilet. You will have to appendage over hand him to draw from him to make the sign. Be demanding and please, reward him when he goes within the toilet!
From my experience with my son near autism,keep him out of the verbs ups.It is a lot of work next to all the laundry but the verbs ups keeps them too comfortable when there's an misfortune.I used a sticker chart with smiley frontage stickers as the reward.I would put on my biggest smile and have him discern my cheeks, to really try and get the point across, I be so happy when he have success.We would adjectives exaggerate how happy we be, clapping and smiling!One day you could almost see the neutral bulb go on over his skipper and there be never an accident after that.We continued next to the sticker chart for a while,rewarding every 5 stickers with somewhat prize.Hang in nearby! Good luck!

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