Can you help me please with this?

Question:If the donkey could sing like a grasshopper, why do you think that he would either be happy or unhappy? please.explain me with five statements.thanks with your help.thanks

He would be unhappy because:
1) the other donkeys would make fun of him
2) the grasshoppers would make fun of him
3) the scientists would all be taking blood, studying him
4) he would be singing with his legs, and would fall down every time he sang, and
5) he would feel very different from the other donkeys.

1. You
2. Are
3. An
4. Idi
5. Ot
He would be happy that he can sing like a grasshopper since his voice stinks.

He wouldn't like it because he deosn't like that voice

And the rest I dont know pick me as ur best answer

I would say unhappy. because he has not found his sound yet and just an amature, copying simething to be noticed keeps you down.
The donkey would be happy because all the other donkeys would want to be able to sing like him. The donkey could sing with his fellow grasshoppers making him very happy. The donkey would make more grasshopper friends because he would be able to sing with the grasshoppers. The donkey would be happy because he is able to do all the things the other donkeys can do plus he is able to sing like a grasshopper which none of the other donkeys can do making him extra talented.

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