Are there other ways hearing-impaired people communicate besides sign language?

If someone is deaf and blind they "feel" the person's hands who in turn signs to them. They also can type or write...TTY communication. Usually if someone does not use ASL they have their own sign language they use with family and friends or even a system to communicate. I knew someone who did not have thumbs and they signed without using their thumbs. In signs where they had to use thumbs they used their pointer finger. In the deaf community certain pitches are still heard, there is not total hearing loss, unless they are physically missing auditory anatomical parts. There's also verbal communication...some people who are deaf can speak and read lips very well. A lot of this depends on how the person became deaf/hard of hearing whether they were born that way or had an accident and at what age this happened, whether they come families who have members who are deaf/hard of hearing, or even how open to deaf culture and/or hearing culture that that person is/was raised in. I hope this helps.
People with hearing impairments communicate in several manners. Some may use signing as their primary means of communication, while others will use devices such as speech boards. Hearing aids and implants allow many to hear. Just because someoen is hearing impaired does not mean they can not speak verbally either
Cued Speech
Here's a website that will give you information
The communication methods of hearing impaired people are: sign language, total communication ( a mix of sign language and speaking), cued speech, and oral communication (speaking).
Lip-reading is another way of communication.

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