Help with autistic children?

Question:I'm currently working in Perth as a teacher support with an autistic child.
While I have worked with children with Aspergers syndrome in the past, I have never worked with a child with this degree of autism.
There are minimal programs in place for this child and if anyone could suggest a website with ideas or worksheets or activities I could try, I would be incredibly greatful.
Any help at all would be sincerely appreciated.
Jackie Brown

Autistic kid thrive on schedules and routine. They also tend to be visual thinkers. Try creating a picture board of what the days activities are. A picture of a sandwich for lunch, a photo of a seesaw for outdoor time etc. "Our kids" don't transition well and knowing what comes next is a huge help to ward off tantrums and meltdowns. That way you can point out 'picture board says lunchtime soon" Give ample warning and plenty of countdown. Remind him 10 minutes before, again 5 minutes before, again 1 minute before.

For reinforcers, use something the child perserverates on. What is his obsession? Try to incorporate it into a reward program. If he likes to play with trucks, praise him for something well done (standing in line quietly for example) and reinforce his good behavior with 5 minutes of truck time.

Without a professional program like ABA in place it can be tough and you may have to experiment to find something that works.

Good luck ~ I know how frustrating the days can be. Then they throw their arms around you and life is good again.
The best thing you can try is be crazy yourself. be creative. be dramatic, and exaggerate. sign songs, bang the drum.

every time will be different, every approach may work once but not twice. be a master of improvisation.

teach with pictures, and drawings.

let the child get wet, play with sand, or safely play with a hose.

recommend swimming, it is very good.

if the child does not like any of these, try something else. keep trying.

innovation, creativeness, and getting yourself to his/her level of dramatics, and non making sense it is good. you will reach the child this way.

overall lots of love, and patience. a lot of patience.
repetition, music, and again try it again.
For a website, try This will give you a head start on teaching autistic children to talk and relate to other people.
Try the website "Cafe Moms". I'm not friendly with technology so I do not know how to send the link. They have various discussion groups and many are related to children with autism.
Hi there twin son has severe autism he loves numbers and letters, children with autism tend to like simple tasks that they will try to do over and over again, like lacing boards and threading reels which can be found on EBay , they love singing we have found my son loves Joseph and the amazing technicoloured dreamcoat the songs and colours are great, also tasks like flash cards and writing basic letters but to much of everything at once as it might confuse or upset some of the children, just point out and make a chart and explain to the children what you are doing and at what time day and make a picture timetable
best of luck
Might be good:
Does "minimal programs in place for this child" mean the child does not have an IEP(Individualized Educational Plan)? If not, that is step one. Your particular school system is failing miserably if there is not a concrete treatment plan.

Check out Dr. Stanley Greenspan's Floortime therapy or Dr. Rick Solomon's P.L.A.Y Project on the web. The most important part of working with any level of autistic child is engaging them with what interests them.

Good luck!
More information would be helpful. How old is the child? How much (if any) does he/she talk? What kind of class is it? (PLEASE tell me it's a special ed. classroom with an experienced teacher!)

Some of the above advice about providing struture, routine, and visual schedules and cues is perfect. This is how many autistic children (and adults) thrive. Beyond that, it's hard to recommend activities, because I don't know the age or mental functioning age. Overall, if the child is nonverbal or minimally verbal, just adjust lessons so that the child can answer questions either by writing or typing answers or by pointing to something. (yes/no boxes, numbers, letters, etc.) If you give us an age, I can give more specific suggestions!
Try this one
and this

Communication is the key with these kids...and the teacher should have a program in place to be teaching this. If so, the second link has a wonderful set of visual pictures and instructions. Click first on 'favorite links', then 'PECS pictures', and then something like 'Visual supports'

Also, I'd talk to the school district, they often have resource libraries for those who work there, and they might have some books that would be of help.
There is a web-site that you may to to surf and when surfing go to the blog, parents, Autism, discovery which is at the bottom of the web page and, on line shopping. The resources there will be helpful to you so can develop a plan for this student. Remember to look at their IEP to see what it is the student can do and, plan around that IEP.
good luck
Hi Jackie:

To help you, I'd need some more information:)
How old is the child?
Does he have a diognosis/an assessment? There are a lot of conditions apart from autism where the child might show autistic traits.
Does the teacher implement an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan)?
Are the parents still in denial?

Please feel free to contact me.

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