Im in life skills in stony point high school and i hate this kid so mush?

Question:every day at lunc he talks about football and the techer tells him not to and he dose one time he telled the techer to suck his balls

First let me say that I am sorry that you are having this trouble in your life skills class. It is entirely possible that this student can't stop himself from talking about football. His brain might be skipping, like a CD, and telling him to say something about football because his brain doesn't realize that he already said something.

As for the rude comments and the peeing in front of everyone. Those are things that you should tell an adult. Is there an adult that you feel OK about talking to? Maybe one of your parents? Do you have a guidance counselor at school that you check in with?

Maybe the next time your family, Mom or Dad, has to come to the school for your IEP meeting, you can bring it up and let them team talk about it and help you solve the problem.
Oh, that does sound so annoying! I would suggest ignoring him or responding with something like "whatever" if he is directly talking to you. If he is another Special Ed. student, it is possible he has Asperger's/Autism. Some people with AS/Autism talk a LOT about one thing. I still think it's wrong for him to say offensive things though, especially to a teacher!
kill him
You are in quite of a predicament with this fellow student. You should stay clear of this student because, you don't know why he is so aggressive with teachers and, fellow peers. Maybe you would like to surf a web-site that will assist you in finding answers to better yourself in understanding why this student is fascinated with one subject. When surfing go to the blog, parents, Autism and on line shopping. Remember not to become frustrated because usually students feed on attention and, maybe he doesn't realize his actions?
good luck
I am so sorry you have to deal with this. It can be very troubling and interfere with your own learning. His behavior may be related to his own diagnosis. Everyone seems to offer you good advice. It is very important that you let your parents know what is going on. It is their right to protect you, and they can talk to school personnel. Talk to your principal and councilor. They have to have documentation of complaints made by students and teachers. And like someone said, bring it up at your IEP meeting, when there are many different adults who have concern for you present. Tell them how he makes you feel, that you can't even concentrate on learning when you are so nervous.
Do not confront the boy. Let an adult do it. If he has a conduct disorder, you don't want to anger him. Leave that to the adults. Again, tell your parents. It is important that they know what's going on and how you feel.
be glad that you are not that kid. try not to let that kid get to you.. i know its hard but it is not worth getting all upset about. teachers go through alot, by just telling your teacher you care about them and it bothers you that they do this will really let them know that they are appreciated!

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