Getting Held Back in Highschool?

Question:Im in danger of getting held back HELP!?
Im in the 10th grade going to 11th and i went to summer school for algebra2 and didnt pass
the school told me i needed 4 years of math to graduate
but ive taken algebra1in 8th grade and geometry in 9th and i still have 2 years of highschool left
im willing to take any other option than repeating the 10th grade. Anyone know whatelse i can do?

I agree double up on your math courses. Take an easier math course during the day and Algebra 2 at night school or online. Keep your mouth shut about and most people won't even care. Then, you'll be in your right grade come senior year when it really counts.

You should only be in tenth grade for homeroom...not repeating all of your classes.

There are alot of homeschooling materials that can provide on-line instruction. Hopefully someone has been able to sit down and exam your work and tell you exactly where you are messing up. That way you can go back and relearn those sections.

**You are NOT the only one who's ever done this and certainly not the only one this school year.
There is no being "held back " in high school. Its pass or fail. If you passed all your other classes but algebra II you will most likely pass to the next grade, but you will have to take two maths in one year. That will be difficult but it is doable. If you passed, just take two maths and study very hard so you do not fail again. I think sometimes you can also take classes at home/on the computer, but they are very expensive and you would have to be able to understand the math without a teacher present that you could ask questions.
your options are limited by the choices your school offers.
my suggestion is to get a tutor (this, ideally, would be a student at or near your age who excels at algebra/math) it would provide them with extra income and give you the benefit of a tutor who is available for a quick question
In algebra it is critical that you get the basics or you will be lost and my rule is "if you miss one class you're three weeks behind" you just have to treat it like memory work and don't try to make sense of the formula's and equations-if you don't it'll drive you crazy. this prevented my wife from going into Veterinary Medicine school.
I don't think you are in danger of being held back, but are in danger of not graduating on time.
Does your school allow you to "double up" and take two math courses in one year? If they do, you would be able to get all four math credits that way.
Do you have any kind of program that would allow you to take a college course for HS credit?
Is summer school an option for next year?
Can you get a tutor to help you in the math classes you take?
who say's you will repeat the 10th grade? You need a person that will teach you different mathematical techniques so that it would be easier for you to pass the subject. And who is that person? It can be a tutor, a member of the family, or a friend. Support of the family is needed. You just have to be patient.

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