How can i overcome my misspell?

Question:tel me a new way

The best way, by far, to learn to spell properly is to READ. The only way to know the correct spelling is to see them, and the best way to see them repeatedly is to read as much as you can. You don't have to read anything scientific or scholarly - novels and light reading will do very nicely, but read, and learn the way the words LOOK when they're correct.

Good luck!
Use a spell checker, dictionary or get a better education
Read a lot, that will help you in many different areas.

There are many different spelling lists available. Ask your teacher for such a list. She will know one that is suitable for you.

Good luck. it is good to see that you want to improve your education. Keep it up and do not get discouraged.
Here are my suggestions:
- read the dictionary to get familiar with words
- get a list of most misspelled words and familiarize yourself with those words
- read good books to learn new words
- remember the spelling of some words because for some words, that is the only way to spell them correctly...memorize the spelling
- know the origin of the word, the etymology. If the word is french, there could be some rules in spelling. If it is from greek or latin or other language, there are consistent rules.

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