Im in danger of getting held back HELP!?

Question:Im in the 10th grade going to 11th and i went to summer school for algebra2 and didnt pass
the school told me i needed 4 years of math to graduate
but ive taken algebra1in 8th grade and geometry in 9th and i still have 2 years of highschool left
im willing to take any other option than repeating the 10th grade. Anyone know whatelse i can do?

You won't be held back an entire year for all of your classes (unless you failed all of them) you would just have to repeat the class that you failed. This isn't junior high, you get to continue on to the next grade in all of your classes except math.
check into taking a correspondence course. you can do it on your own time and while you are in school.
Take correspondence classes from a jr. college in your area. Their tests and material are alot easier and you do it at your own pace. But be careful, if you aren't going to drive yourself to do it, then you will fail that class too. You have to want to complete the class and you have to make yourself do it.

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