I work for a homless shelter and?

Question:we seem to be getting more and more clients with mental health issues. Does anyone know of a place in the chicagoland area that will provide my organization with free mental health training (for the employees), so that we can better deal with this population of homelessness that seems to be growing so rapidly?? I stated free because this is a non-for-profit organization and they don't have in the budget sending employees to school. Please Help!!

i should have your job.

start by going here. www.nichcy.org find the state resource page for ill also www.disabilityinfo.gov

been to the usa.gov site. i have a ton of them.
think health and human services.
Suggest that your supervisor or human resource department contact the mental health services department to request an inservice training on their agency. Perhaps your company can do the same for them. Agencies interested in serving overlapping populations often work collaboratively in this way in the interest of better serving their clients.

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