Is it possible to teach English to blind people who are Spanish native speakers ?

Question:If so, could you give me detailed information about it ?

I'm spanish...I think it's difficult and if you want to do it you're going to work very hard but..everyting is possible!!
Of course it's possible. Blind people are not stupid!
However, it will take a special ESL teacher, who can relate to the special needs these people have.
Yes it is, but the teacher has to avoid visual teaching methods - which is more difficult than it seems. For example, a blind person will know what a supermarket is by sound and smell, so the reinforcement would involve sound and smell teaching rather than pictures. Teaching in this way is also more effective for sighted people!
you woud need a teacher that is fluent in both spanish and english but it may be harder however there sight shouldnt affect there ability to learn.
yes it is possible because if a person who can see can learn speaking english a blind person can also learn english speaking but there is not difficulty in speaking there is difficulity in reading english, if u r capble u can easily teach him. and its possible in adults .
you can teach them anyway you wanted providing you have someone who can speak fluent english and spanish. you can teach them reading as you can get brailie text which is like dots on paper.

hope i helped, sorry if i didnt
Blind does not mean deaf or stupid. They can learn fine, you just don't get to use flash cards. With a good ESL teacher, they will learn fine.
Absolutely. Not to be able to see does not affect the ability to learn. You need a different approach (audio materials, braille in spanisch and english).

I am an LSA and a few years ago, I had a student who was Kurdish (native language Iraqui)He is blind. In 2 years he not only learned to speak English but also learned to read English Braille. He was 14 when he first came to this country.
He is now taking an A level in Braille.
I'm not saying it's easy but it is possible. It depends on the attitude of the student and the willpower of the teacher. It can be done but not as an easy ride. Good luck.
Of course you can. Why would being blind keep a Spanish speaker from learning English? I don't know how to teach a foreign language, but I'm quite sure a foreign language teacher would not have a problem dealing with blind students. You can really talk and listen to a lot of language, even with your eyes closed!

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