I have a 7 year autistic child who wears diapers at night. He shreds the diaper to pieces by morning. Ideas?

Question:We've tried everything from duct tape to wrestles singlets which another mom told me worked for her. My child is potty trained during the day now (yeah!!) but is severely autistic, non-verbal so I can't have a conversation with him to reprimand or explain he can't do that to his diaper.

Many autistic children are highly attuned or even painfully sensitive to certain textures. Some children find the feel of clothes touching their skin almost unbearable. You might try changing the type of diaper that you are using.

Your child may also have a sleep problem, that includes difficulty falling asleep, frequent nighttime awakenings, and early morning awakenings.

Stimulation of the limbic system of the brain may also help treat autism. Aromas from essential oils have the ability to stimulate this part of the brain since the sense of smell is tied directly into the mind's emotional and hormonal center.

Try diffusing therapeutic grade essential oils, such as Young Living's vetiver or frankincense or add a few drops on the soles of your child's feet to help her sleep better with less diaper shredding.

Improving the diet can be helpful in cases of autism. Try replacing high glycemic sweeteners with a low glycemic sweetener, such as Blue Agave nectar.

Gastrointestinal disorders may be linked to brain dysfunction that cause autism in children. Try adding a digestive enzyme to your child's diet to improve digestion

Hope this helps. Good luck.
Could you use a cloth diaper? I'd imagine it would be harder to shred.
Would you/he be willing to use cloth diapers? There are sites online that sell the all in one diaper pants with a strong plastic cover over a flannel type liner. They make many different sizes and styles.
I am with the gentleman who suggested clothe diapers...you can buy the waterproof bottoms to put over the clothe for the night.
I don't know if this will help but have you considered using the plastic training pant covers, either over his pull up or possibly over the cloth trainers. I don't know if you want that or not, I know there will be a leak but if you could limit his drinking before bed so he won't have as much output during the night, and as I am sure you already have a mattress cover, but at least you won't have the shredded pieces to clean up I am wondering if you did use the cloth trainers that it might make it easier for him to go to the bathroom on his own and train himself for nighttime? Just a thought, because I am wondering if he is awake enough that he shreds his diaper then is he awake and aware enough that he would be able to go to the bathroom, once he realizes that is what to do, same as he did for daytime.

Does he shred them because they are wet or because he wants to. If so give him something to sleep with that is soothing, like a blanket or something that makes him relax. You might also talk with his Dr. who specializes with the autism, he may have some suggestions or reasons why he is doing this.

Best of luck to you!
You didn't say if your son has sensory issues with certain textures, but that may be some of why he shreds them. If so, you can try the smallest size of adult Attends brand diapers. They tend to draw moisture away from skin even better than children's diapers.

Best wishes!
I agree with BlondBrainSerenity, it could be a sensory issue. Many Autistics, both adults and children have issues with sensory input. Is he not sleeping well in general? Perhaps talk to your doc about stragies to help him sleep better and try the cloth diapers.
Hi there my twin son is nine and severely autistic and also in diapers at night, i have never has this trouble with him before, could it be your son do longer wants to wear them anymore why not try putting on a mattress cover and just testing try trainer pants on him he might no longer what the diapers next to his skin x good luck
my brother with autism was having those
problems to, but he was teached discipline
at their school to act like normal ppl
do, so now, he goes to toilet on his own.

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