How long does it clutch to be a mid wife.?

i want to becom a mid wife and i dont know how long it will take for me to be contained by collage. a mid wife is were adjectives u do is deliver babies. i really want to follow my dreams and i need to amount out how long i will take to be within collage,

Answers:    search online and i wouldnt trust someone to assistance me through delivery if they didn't know the difference between special schooling and training programs.
What are the prerequisites for attending midwifery school?
Prerequisites change from program to program. For example, Seattle Midwifery School provides training for direct-entry midwives. Prerequisites include the following:

Earn a high conservatory diploma or its equivalent.
Demonstrate proficiency in the English terminology.
Complete 45 quarter credits or 27 semester credits of college course work with a cumulative echelon point average of 2.8 or better.
Complete an approved Labor Support Course
Complete the following courses with a minimum of 3.0 or go beyond equivalent challenge exams:
Biology: One year of large school or 3 college-level credits.
English: 3 college-level credits.
Human Anatomy and Physiology: 5 college-level credits (preferably a two-quarter course).
Math: 2 years of dignified school math (with former times ten years) or 3 credits of college-level math.
Microbiology: 5 college-level credits.
Social Science: 5 college-level credits.
Most nurse-midwifery programs require that students receive a bachelor's degree surrounded by nursing and a master's degree contained by midwifery.

Here are some accredited school
it really depends on where you are. by the bearing, midwifery is not all in the region of delivering babies. you are required to do pre and post partum support for your patients too especially if the place you're assigned to does not have a community robustness nurse. there are plentifully of responsibilites attached to being a midwife.

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