Equal education?

Question:why does it take so many documents[my child is black] to enroll your child in a school he has being going to for 3 year's they even want papers to showing that he really lives at a certain address and then talk to you super nasty/mean what can i do to report this person?

I don't think this has anything to do with your child's race (I hope not anyway). Usually schools need proof of residency to ensure children are attending school in their own district. This helps proper state budgeting and reduces overcrowding in schools.

My city has "school of choice". We can send our children to any school we prefer as long as there is room for them in the class.

As far as school personnel treating you rudely, call your school system's superintendent. Follow this up with a letter (they always need documentation). You don't have to put up with school personnel treating you poorly for any reason.

Good luck!
You need to call your state board of education and let them know how you are being treated.
It has nothing to do with being black, we're about as white as you can get, and every year of the five years my kids were in school we had to take birth certificates, medical papers, two utility bills to prove residency, as well as my drivers license.

I don't know why they would talk 'nasty' to you, some people are just rude. However, if you were giving them a hard time about the paperwork that they have no control over, I could see why they would become rude.
It may be that mail has been sent to your house and has come back to the school undeliverable. I assume your child has special needs. When a school provides services for a special needs child many schools will revert to the residency issue especially with state testing and IEP requirements. Unfortunately it seems to boil down to test results, politics and money. Ah, the days of Little House on the Prairie...well.
If someone at the school was rude, then call both the prinicapl of the school and the school superintendents office to complain. Enrollement secretaries often face parents trying to illegally enroll children into programs they are not eligalbe for and are responsible for making sure all documentation is in place. They can help find ways to get the documentation, but without it they simply can not enroll a child and often times,parents will get angry, rude, threated the person or curse them out. If you were being polite, listening to what was going on and trying to find out what sorts of things could be used to document your child's eligability and the person was rude, report them,

The reason for wanting proof of residency, birth certificates and shot records to enroll a child is actually pretty simple. Proof of residency is to show that you do live in the appropriate area for your child to attend that school. All schools only have so many seat for students and children living within the assigned area are given priority. A birth certificate is to ensure this really is who the adult says the child is, to verify the age and date of birth. The shot records are to be sure the child has had all the legally mandated shots to enter the school without posing a health risk to themselves or other students. Schools ask all enrolling parents to provide these documents regardless of race.
If you are being treated unprofessionally, you need to speak to the "powers that be."

However, from the implied message in your post, it sounds as though you feel that you are being asked these things merely because your child is black. This is a school district requirement regardless of whether a child is black, white, green, or purple. In the future, just have the documents available and be ready to provide them every school year. If no one else is being asked for this information, and you have proof (not just a feeling), then you need to contact the school board immediately.

I too have to prove my residency every year for my kids and I teach in the same school district! ~~~ they know my address, that is where they send my paycheck. I don't complain, I just do it.

Please remember that your school is supported typically by taxes collected via property taxes (mostly). The funds received from area neighborhoods support the school in that area. If the school did not check residency papers, it is possible that you would have children coming from other areas who did not "pay" to attend the local school. The high school I went to in Maryland was about 10 minutes from the DC boarder...we had this problem all of the time. My school was very over crowded mostly due to non-resident students who snuck across the boarder.

This requirement in your school district is to ensure that your child is receiving the education and services that you and your neighbors paid for.
I agree with the other people who answered that this documentation is a requirement of all families and not just because you are black.

However, I disagree with calling the superintendent because you feel that someone was rude to you. The superintendent has an entire school district to run. A small run in with a clerk needs to be handled on a local level.

Talk to the assistant principal or principal about this first. Be calm and state exactly what happened. Chances are that the administrator will apologize to you and promise to speak to the person.

The superintendent is just going to kick it back to the school and you're going to look like an idiot and be labelled a problem parent for calling the super over such a small thing.

Consider that maybe the person was having a bad day, or maybe you were nasty or giving her a hard time and she snapped. It's happened to all of us, and unless this is a serious, ongoing problem that affects students, let it go.

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