Communicating with a person who suddenly became deaf?

Question:One of my employees suddenly lost of hearing and became deaf within 2 months. Both he and I along with my other employees have not prepared for this. We are communicating with each other by writing, since he can not read lips? What would be the best way or method to learn quickly to improve the communication with this employee effectively? Any books or reading materials on this matter? He has been a section's supervisor. How can he handle his section's employees, especially in communicating with his employees?

Your employee needs to go to an audiologist and get a cochlear implant evaluation done. A cochlear implant for people who have become deaf after they have learned language is very successful. He will hear almost as well as he did before he lost his hearing, although it will sound a little different. If he decides not to use this technology, he should use a TTY or to communicate by phone. His other communication methods will have to be completely visual. Typing is much faster than writing, so he can have a laptop and people can type on it in order to communicate. Email, cell phones, and other technology in today's world should make it a little easier. Good luck!
writing is just fine =)

you can always pick up some sign language videos to learn the basics.
The library has books.
I learned to communicate with an elderly lady who had grown up making her own signs for things. Milk she associated with milking a cow thus the sign! She picks out an identifiying feature of people or things. Holding your fingers in a circle over the eyes is glasses. Animals are usually the horns or ears being made over her head. I showed her raccoon by showing black eyes and she knew! Showing the color of whatever we are signing also is a key she uses. Circled fingers and red mean tomato.oblong and green is a pepper.
This women has had a major impact on my life. she is so smart despite being forced to live in a hearing world by herself. Try to be a good friend and learn ways, it takes time.
he should get his hearing tests (audiometry)done. he can listen with hearing aids and even if hearig aids are not working then he can go for cochlear implant . it is very benificial in post lingual deaf people. you can consult a good ENT for this information.
You should be very supportive of this person. They need things to stay as normal as possible. You will all learn to adapt and will be communicating just fine in no time.
There are comunication boards, but they are very basic. You could make a communication board for work and communicate in memos while learning sign language.

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