I call for relieve ladies and guys?

hey u all me and my friend is a trainer aid and we teach a mentally challenge boy that has cerabal palsy and we sort of entail help finding him a pen chum he is 17 years old and we are looking foward to getting him a pen companion and he is really excited! but we just stipulation one we dont want perverts or anything like that okay but if ur intersted than hit us up or u can dispatch me an e-mail at hott_stuff_heather@YAH00.com or u can send one to no_1_unique @YAH00.com - gratefulness and hope to here from some one soon!!

ps:if u dont wanna be a pen pal for him than do u know any websites we could call round?

Answers:    Here is a good site to find a Pen Pal.
Have a honest day!
Maybe you could index some of his interests. Does he like sports? Which ones? Favorite team or players? etc. Something to give potential pen pal an common starting point near him for conversation.

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