Can dyslexia be treated?

Many people would say there is no such thing as dyslexia. It is simply a medical term for the inability to read. "Dyslexia" is caused by processing difficulties in the brain. Some of these difficulties are termed visual motor processing disorder, visual and auditory memory deficits and information processing deficits. As a whole, these are referred to as Specific Learning Disabilities.

The treatments for various learning disabilities do not include changing the person, but teach the person strategies to learn to read in an alternate manner. Your best bet is to find out which learning disabilities are causing the reading problems and develop the strategies needed to surmount the issues.
Within the mecencephalon, as fundamental instrument more or less, reception of constituent stimuli whereof should one afflicted with antipodal else garbled sensation may instead be transformed into logical understanding. Simply, you must embrace the inner self (religion/psychology depicts as inner child), acknowledge deficiency, desire improvement, thence seek correction of related anomaly, e.g. illogical order of sorts, i.e. dyslexia. Unfortunately the strongest path would involve the tactile vs. mere gustatory or any of the other senses, even moreso than visual. Simply, that which are more robust in terms of sensation (in layman terms), and most aren't about to become sensual addicts. You might try the intellectual premise for yoga, but unless you can discern literal course of chakras less inhibitions of dyslexia, it wouldn't help. Mere translation from another of null benefit, as for any coordination to occur you must independently approach the matter.

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As opposed to traditional psychology, even related psychometrics, you might consult a skilled psychoanalyst.
People, children and adult alike, who have dyslexia can certainly be given the tools to help them with their language difficulties.

Most people who have dyslexia will make progress if they use a reading program specifically designed for language difficulties. Programs like Lindamood Bell Learning Process, Barton Reading Program, Great Leaps Reading program, all programs that helps adults as well as children.

The second area that often helps people with language difficulties is speech and language therapy. This is therapy that is provided be a certified speech and language therapist. For children it is often done at school but can be provided outside of school.

Dyslexia is not something that can be treated and removed from a person. Someone with dyslexia will always have it. The key is getting the right tools to learn how to work with it in your life.
As a person with dyslexia and a mother with two children with dyslexia it can't be treated like an infection or psychical illness but you can be taught strategies which will help the person to deal with it. My youngest goes to a school for children with learning disabilities and there she's taught how to compensate for her dyslexia using different devices and ways of reading. I have learned to read pretty well the problem that I have now is more one of spelling and writing,
No but it can be overcome.
My dd is dyslexic. The best thing we ever did was Audiblox.

I really struggled over whether to try it or not as it's expensive but thought I'd give it a shot and it really did help. However, it takes a LOT of commitment. And, just for the record, I don't work for the company or have anything to do with them. I just know it helped my dd.

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